Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage $6.90

Deep fried boneless chicken served with mayo and Shichimi dipping sauce

Deep Fried Baby Octopus

Deep Fried Baby Octopus $ 7.80

Octopus served with ponzu sauce


Gyoza $5.25

Six pcs of pan fried pork dumplings


Japoutine $6.75

Tempura battered fries, with cheese and gravy
Add chicken Katsu + $2.75


Takoyaki $5.50

6 pcs served with mayo, Takoyaki sauce, green onions, and bonito flakes

Yakitori $4.00

3 chicken skewers with Teriyaki sauce, and Shichimi

Chikuwa cheese $5
deep fried cream cheese filled fishcake

Onigiri $3
2 rice balls with furikake (rice seasoning) wrapped with seaweed (ask for server for today’s seasoning)

Okonomiyaki $6
Japanese pancake topped with mayo, Okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes

Onigiri pork sliders $5.90
Pork belly rice-cake sandwich with lettuce, mayo, and sekai sauce

Edamame $3.50
Green soybeans, served with sea salt

Corn croquette $5.30
Deep fried potato and corn katsu, served with a curry sauce