About sekai

Sekai was born through the idea of Udon noodles; A very popular noodle in various Asian countries; especially Japan. Characterized by its square shape and flat edges, it can be prepared and served in many different ways as you can see by the many variations that we offer on our menu.  With the help of a Japanese company, Yamato (veterans in the Udon business), Sekai’s creator Jonathan Lau has brought this popular Japanese dish to Canada, in one of BC’s first Udon shops. Having spent time training in Yamato’s Udon school in Kagawa Japan, Jonathan was able to create many of Sekai’s products in order to provide the best that we can for our customers. Even the special mix of flour that we use in our udon comes from Osaka, by ship, from one of the largest flour producers in Japan to maintain the quality that the Japanese and known for.

About our noodle

Udon served in a soup is enjoyed best by using your chopsticks to lead the noodles into your mouth while making a slurping sound. The slurping enhances the flavors and helps to cool down the hot noodles as they enter your mouth. If there is a broth, it is drunk directly from the bowl, eliminating the need for a spoon. Udon that is served hot as a noodle soup, in its simplest form is known as Kake udon, which is udon in a mildly flavored broth called
‘udon Tsuyu’ which is commonly made from Dashi, (a type of fish broth), soy sauce, and mirin. Common toppings include tempura, often prawn or Kaki-aghe (a type of mixed tempura fritter), or abura age, (a type of deep-fried tofu pockets seasoned with sugar, mirin, and soy sauce, called a kitsune udon. A thin slice of kamaboko, a halfmoon-shaped fish cake is also often added. Nanami can also be added for a little bit of spice, which you will find in a shaker at your table. The flavor of broth and toppings vary from region to region. Usually, dark brown broth made from dark soy sauce is used in eastern Japan, and light brown broth, made from light soy sauce is used in western Japan. This is even noticeable in packaged instant noodles, which are often sold in two different versions for east and west.

Most people are accustomed to eating packaged frozen udon, that is used by many North American restaurants, and can be found at local supermarkets, but most are unaware of the extra ingredients added to try and mimic the chewy smooth texture of a freshly made noodle. Here at Sekai, we serve Sanuki Udon (讃岐うどん)  a variation of udon and broth that originated in the Kagawa prefecture of Japan that is famous for its stiff chewy “al dente” noodle. Sanuki udon is the most popular taste of udon in Japan, as people from all over the country often take day trips to Kagawa just to sample the noodles made there. To recreate this specific noodle texture and quality we’ve combined the perfect amount of flour (imported from Japan), water, vinegar and natural sea salt making our noodles a healthy preservative-free meal choice at any time of day.


Jonathan Lau